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Free Service was created to meet the needs of companies. Even today, our service revolves around the business world. Small or large companies, we organize any type of transport: by land, by sea, by air.

We carry out small or large shipments for individuals and companies..

Find out in the frequently asked questions everything you need to know about import-export for individuals.

The necessary information to obtain a quote are: complete measurements of the goods to be shipped, the weight, the postcode of the place of collection and the postcode of the place where it will be delivered. Without the necessary information, we cannot provide a quote, not even a hypothetical one.

FreeService does not ship: credit cards, drugs and medicines, living animals, money, waste or CER (i.e. dangerous) goods, suitcases, goods without packaging. For example, if four tires have to be shipped, they will not be taken over if they are in bulk but only if they are placed on pallets and packed.

Any shipment must be properly packaged for collection. The packaging is the responsibility of the sender and, if not present, it will be indicated on the delivery note at the time of collection, excluding FreeService from liability for any damage. If you are unsure about your packaging or merchandise, you can send us a photo and we will support you.

Yes, only in Europe. The motorcycle must be perfectly packed in wooden crates. The vehicle must not contain liquids such as oil, petrol or other. The documents relating to the shipment must be previously sent to verify their correctness, then the goods will be sent to the recipient.

No, there are no collections in Europe for Italian private individuals. We can ship for private individuals from Italy to Europe, but not vice versa.

No, we don’t do them.

Yes, but all the goods to be shipped must be declared in a detailed list, which must be respected perfectly. The shipment will be passed to customs and, after its approval, we can check the costs and any offers. We cannot calculate and ensure that there will be no costs for the recipient to receive the goods.

The collection or delivery service to the floor must be specified at the time of the estimate to verify its feasibility and any extra costs. The moving service is carried out only with the goods perfectly packed on pallets and ready to be loaded on the floor.

We cannot ship outside the EU: batteries, credit cards, furs, jewelry, money, drugs and medicines, living animals, spray cans, flammable liquids or other dangerous products.

Yes, all the relative details must be provided before shipment in order to verify the protection of cultural heritage. In particular cases, the documentation provided by the Superintendency of Cultural Heritage may be necessary.

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