Free Service


The FREE SERVICE SRL is a new creation but with a sum of thirty years of experience, is introduced into the market with the aim of giving its customers; small, medium and large companies, all types of consultancy in the transport and logistics sector.

It is a company formed by experts in the sector that is able to guarantee an eminent service with solutions for every need, a reality able to compete with large companies in the sector

The staff has a consolidated working experience in multidisciplinary teams, and is able to offer a flexible method in the various areas in which it is called to intervene.

"We are synonymous with commitment to those who have chosen us, a commitment we make every day, a synergy of thoughts that allows us to diversify and develop tailor-made services of high quality and reliability".

Our result focuses on the ability to balance experience and innovation, constantly expanding our knowledge to always give you original and cutting-edge solutions.

"Being creative means looking at the world every day from new points of view and having the strength and the ability to improve"



"Creation of value through the provision of services for the welfare of the client"

to constantly preserve the level of services, the eloquence with which the feasibility of a thought program is highlighted is always accompanied by the study examined of the actual needs of the client.

Our organization gives an important meaning to its activity; responsibility, determination, essential conditions to which we do not intend to give up knowing that only through this complex journey can any result be achieved.


We work to create added value by working with the best partners worldwide, allowing our customers to benefit from continuous service development.

Improve to grow, this is our strength.