Free Service



Service activities are a strength of our organization, we are aware of the needs of our customers, which is why it is our duty to guarantee their performance.

The demands of the market combined with specific operational strategies, have led the Free Service to configure itself as the only interlocutor towards the customer, providing them with advanced and complete solutions.

"Looking ahead allows us to increase the level of our services where the primary objective remains customer satisfaction"



Our knowledge of the market and the professional training in logistics and transport allow us to findsolutions in line with your demands

For years we have been at the side of our customers with whom we have built a close relationship of collaboration thanks to the exclusivity of the services and the completeness of the offers Our strong point? a firm project on which to rely, for this we propose as the only partner of services putting our knowledge at your disposal

Our structure is able to offer to 360 ° services, from the simplest to the most valuable ones, with state-of-the-art facilities and technologies that allow you to customize the market needs.

Planning, change and energy are the elements on which we build relationships with our customers. Big or small that is your business; Free Service will always give you the maximum professionalism, a single interlocutor for all the needs of logistical and distributive support in Italy, Europe and the world


ADR stands for "Accord Dangereuses Route" "European Agreement on the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road."

The transport of dangerous goods is subject to

very detailed rules and regulations, formulated according to the type of material transported and the means of transport used. The ADR groups dangerous goods according to the type of danger they present, and divides them into classes marked by progressive numberings



1 Explosive substances and objects
2 Gases compressed, liquefied or dissolved without pressure
3 Flammable liquid substances
4.1 Flammable solid substances
4.2 Substances subject to spontaneous ignition
4.3 Substances which in contact with water develop flammable gases
5.1 Oxidising substances
5.2 Organic peroxides
6.1 Toxic substances
6.2 Infectious substances
7 Radioactive materials
8 Corrosive substances
9 Hazardous substances and objects of other nature



COMPARISON PRICES AND SERVICES "the best services at the smallest price"

Our intent is to offer the best solution for your needs, we constantly monitor our prices, aligning them with the best market conditions, thus providing prices:

  • competitive
  • clears
  • All inclusive